Martin and Clive can do demonstrations on a wide range of subjects and programs and these can be combined where required for workshops or weekend events. Please contact us with your requirements. An overview of the main demonstrations is shown below.

We can also combine one of our presentations with a demonstration

Photoshop Techniques for Personal Expression

Clive Haynes FRPS and / or Martin Addison FRPS

This presentation demonstrates numerous Photoshop techniques and methods by which we produce our images.  We are very keen to share our working practices with fellow photographers.


Demonstrations of Corel Painter
Martin Addison FRPS

A presentation about 'Painter', the fine-art painting program by Corel.
The program is eminently suitable for producing artistic images using photographs as source material.
These demonstrations are based upon Martin's latest book about 'Painter'.


 Demonstrations of Adobe Lightroom
Martin Addison FRPS

A presentation on Adobe Lightroom, the fantastic program for managing and developing your photographs. I love Lightroom and use it for all my photography, I use Photoshop as a plug-in for the few jobs which Lightroom does not cover.


Demonstrations of ProShow Producer
Martin Addison FRPS

Martin demonstrates how to create striking audio-visual sequences with ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer. The demonstration can be tailored to suit requirements for beginners or more advanced workers.




‘Foto-Fusion’:  Projected Images
Clive Haynes FRPS

This presentation is modular in form, featuring many themes and sequentially-related images.  It includes at least two A-V’s, plus an exploration of infrared photography and a demonstration of simple stereo photography
using any camera.


Projected Images Talk
Martin Addison FRPS

A selection of recent work from Martin's collection of digital images. The talk is updated regularly and covers a wide selection of subject matter.The talk may also include some of Martin's audio-visual sequences if relevant.